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Women United Invests $299K in Innovative Programs Advancing Single Mothers

Women United announced investments totaling $299,500 in programs that advance the health and financial stability of single mothers and their children. The investments include the Giving Circle’s first investments in programs serving York County and renewed support for two programs in Portland’s Bayside neighborhood. 

Janice Avignon, Chair of Women United’s Community Investment Committee, announced the investments last week at an event hosted at the Lincoln Hotel in Biddeford with nearly 100 Women United members and supporters in attendance.  

“Women United has made a tremendous impact in Bayside over the last six years,” said Avignon. “We are excited to extend that impact to York County, where there is also significant need.” The average income for a single mother living in York County is $41,174.  

Women United will invest in three York County programs that help single mothers meet basic needs and provide pathways to employment.   

  • $40,000 to Project HOME (Trust) through Quality Housing Coalition, which offers direct cash assistance, individualized skill-building, and a peer-to-peer support network to single mother households who are housed through Project HOME. 
  • $33,000 to MomCore through York County Community Action Corporation, a targeted coaching program focusing on improving the financial knowledge and household stability of single mothers residing in York County. 
  • $24,000 to Mothers Thriving through New Ventures Maine, a flexible six-session class series, group support, and individual coaching opportunity for single mothers to help build their confidence, knowledge, skills, and access to resources to be able to obtain high-wage, in-demand jobs. 

“This year, we launched Maine’s first Direct Cash Assistance program for Project HOME residents,” said Victoria Morales, Executive Director of Quality Housing Coalition. “Having cash support for a limited period could help a mother get stable until she is able to get on her feet and provide for her family. We are grateful to Women United for supporting this innovative anti-poverty strategy.” 

Women United will also renew their signature investment in Project WIN (Women in Neighborhoods) with an investment of $120,000. Project WIN is a cohort-based program that takes a two-generational approach to provide single mothers with a pathway out of poverty.  

Additionally, they will invest $82,500 in Anchoring Youth to Succeed, an afterschool program operated by Boys & Girls Club of Southern Maine and A Company of Girls. The program offers comprehensive services to participants and serves Project WIN children as well as neighborhood youth. 

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Through philanthropy, volunteerism, and advocacy, Women United members have a direct impact on critical two-generation work that positively influences the ability of single mothers to meet basic needs, give kids a strong start, and live longer, better lives. Join us: womenunitedsm.org/join-us.