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5 Years, 5 Voices Audio Project: Diane Garofalo

In honor of Women United’s five year anniversary, United Way of Southern Maine created a 5 Years, 5 Voices Audio Project featuring five impactful voices that help tell the story of the Giving Circle from inception to present-day. Voices range from volunteers that have helped drive impact, leadership, advocacy, and investments.

One of our five voices is Diane Garofalo, United Way of Southern Maine Board Chair and founding Co-chair of Women United. Diane worked alongside Nicole Witherbee to establish Women United and bring women, partners, and supporters together to lift and wrap around other local women and their children. Diane’s work has led to five years of impact and a membership count of over 400 that have given, advocated, and volunteered to support two-generational strategies.

Listen now to Diane’s interview.